Construction Management

“Construction management is a professional service that uses specialized, project management techniques to oversee the planning, design, and construction of a project, from its beginning to its end.”

From pre-construction services through project completion, Mowry & Schmidt, Inc. can join with you as a member of your construction team and assist with all phases of your construction project no matter what the size. For many of our projects we act as both the Construction Manager and the General Contractor; working with our customers during the pre-construction phase, moving into construction as the General Contractor and continuing on through project completion and close-out.

Some customers are looking for a Construction Management firm to come on board to assist with the pre-construction phase and stay on for project oversight only; supervising construction being completed by another firm and reporting back to the owner.

In either scenario, Mowry & Schmidt, Inc. will be there to help you through your project from beginning to end. Our services can include some or all of the following… consultation, solicitation of bids from sub-contractors and suppliers, generation of a project budget using those numbers received coupled with our own in house services costs, project schedule production, construction services, on-site supervision to oversee construction activities, project update reporting and interface with the client, architect, designers and inspectors as required.

No matter what title we choose to use for our services, Mowry & Schmidt, Inc. believes in the importance of team work to allow for a successful project. While we agree that no project moves along without challenges, we believe that a strong team is what is important to tackle any challenge that may arise.