Mowry & Schmidt, Inc. History

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Mowry & Schmidt was founded by David R. Mowry and Albert P. Schmidt in Greenfield, MA in 1947. Mowry & Schmidt quickly grew to become one of Greenfield’s premier, most trusted privately owned construction companies in the area. A long list of commercial, industrial and residential customers was established. Many individual customers and businesses became repeat customers; all enjoying both the dependable service and the high quality construction that Mowry & Schmidt worked to achieve.

In 1974 Mowry & Schmidt, Inc. was incorporated and in 1977, when David and Albert retired, it was time for Robert S. Provost (David’s son-in-law) and Georges L. Wetterwald to take over. As partners, they purchased Mowry & Schmidt, Inc. and continued to grow the business, adding to the long list of satisfied customers.

In 1990, Georges retired and Bob became the sole owner, continuing to serve the area by responding to the existing customer base while bringing in new accounts of all sizes.

In the 1990s both of Bob’s children, Robyn S. Provost and Robert D. Provost, came into the office at Mowry & Schmidt, Inc. to join their father and work with him, taking part in estimating and project management. The three continued to work together, providing the same dependable service and high quality construction that Mowry & Schmidt, Inc. was known for until the elder Bob’s passing in 2007. At that time, ownership of Mowry & Schmidt, Inc. was transferred to his wife, Marcia Mowry Provost.

Today both Robyn and Bob manage all of the day to day operations at Mowry & Schmidt, Inc.

Time has passed and faces have changed throughout the years, but the company's work philosophy has remained the same:

“We will serve our community in residential, commercial and industrial construction and renovation, and we will continue to strive to enhance our reputation of high quality, dependability and value. We will work to achieve a profitable business, but not at the expense of our ethics. We believe that honesty and pride in our work is good business. We will maintain a work atmosphere where our people can develop their abilities while working together enthusiastically to achieve our goal of Customer Satisfaction.”

Both Robyn and Bob are now available to assist you in any of your construction projects commercial or residential, new construction or renovations, construction management, property maintenance and emergency repairs.